“Few women fight wildfires. That’s not because they’re afraid of flames.”

—The Washington Post


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Healing US (TBD)

Editor, Asst. Camera

Each year, 68,000 Americans die due to lack of adequate healthcare. Meanwhile, last year President Biden received double the amount of funds from the healthcare lobby than former President Trump. Yet polls have shown that 70% of Americans support switching to a universal model. After losing a million Americans to COVID, are we finally ready for something new? Something better?


It’s time for the American people to start caring for one another. HEALING US is a call for unity, a cry for help and a voice for hope in the battle for healthcare justice.



Producer, Editor

Women have been a force in wildland firefighting since 1942.
Still, they remain outnumbered 10-to-1 on the fire lines and do double-duty battling both the infernos that scorch public lands and the smoldering embers of discrimination, misogyny and sexual harrassment that continue to supress their voices.

Told in cinema verite, ANCHOR POINT chronicles the 2019 fire season through the eyes of two women, generations apart, as they push to change the culture of wildland fire.

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"Same-Sex Attracted" (2020)

Producer, Co-Director, Camera, Editor

"SAME-SEX ATTRACTED" is an incredibly powerful ensemble piece that presents the real, never-before-seen experience of being queer at “the Lord’s University."

In "SAME-SEX ATTRACTED", two LGBTQ alumni follow a handful of their fellow LGBTQ and Same-Sex Attracted peers at Mormon-owned Brigham Young University (BYU) as rumors of a potential relationship between the school’s only unofficial LGBTQ student group and the administration bubble up from the underground queer communities around campus.